VariableGDP growth
AustraliaPercentage, 2014-15Information on item2.
AustriaPercentage, 2010Information on item3.
BelgiumPercentage, 2014Information on item1.80.1-
CanadaPercentage, 2007Information on item3.
ChilePercentage, 2013Information on item6.
Czech RepublicPercentage, 2010Information on item2.0-0.7-
DenmarkPercentage, 2010Information on item1.
EstoniaPercentage, 2010Information on item7.
FinlandPercentage, 2010Information on item2.6-1.4-0.8-
FrancePercentage, 2010Information on item2.
GermanyInformation on itemPercentage, 2010Information on item3.
GreecePercentage, 2010Information on item-9.2-7.3-3.20.4-0.3-
HungaryPercentage, 2005Information on item1.7-
IcelandPercentage, 2005Information on item2.
IrelandPercentage, 2014Information on item-0.1-
IsraelInformation on itemPercentage, 2015Information on item5.
ItalyPercentage, 2010Information on item0.7-2.9-
JapanPercentage, 2011Information on item-
KoreaPercentage, 2010Information on item3.
LuxembourgPercentage, 2010Information on item2.6-
MexicoPercentage, 2008Information on item4.
NetherlandsPercentage, 2010Information on item1.7-1.1-
New ZealandPercentage, 2009-10Information on item1.
NorwayPercentage, 2014Information on item1.
PolandPercentage, 2010Information on item5.
PortugalPercentage, 2011Information on item-1.8-4.0-
Slovak RepublicPercentage, 2010Information on item2.
SloveniaPercentage, 2010Information on item0.6-2.7-
SpainPercentage, 2010Information on item-1.0-2.9-
SwedenPercentage, 2015Information on item2.
SwitzerlandPercentage, 2010Information on item1.
TurkeyPercentage, 2009Information on item10.
United KingdomPercentage, 2013Information on item1.
United StatesPercentage, 2009Information on item1.
OECD - TotalPercentage, 2010Information on item2.
WorldPercentage, 2010Information on item4.
Hide subtree Non-OECD EconomiesPercentage, 2010Information on item6.
Non-OECD EconomiesBrazilPercentage, 1995Information on item4.
China (People's Republic of)Percentage, 2005Information on item9.
IndiaPercentage, 2011-12Information on item6.
IndonesiaPercentage, 2010Information on item6.
RussiaPercentage, 2011Information on item4.
South AfricaPercentage, 2010Information on item3.
Dynamic Asian EconomiesPercentage, 2010Information on item4.
Other oil producersPercentage, 2010Information on item4.
Data extracted on 19 Nov 2017 16:13 UTC (GMT) from OECD.Stat


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