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Key statistical concept

The objective of this dataset is to trace net changes in terms of volume in the growing stock of standing wood on forest land.

It shows data underlying the indicator on the intensity of use of forest resources. This indicator relates actual fellings to annual productive capacity (i.e. gross increment).

Forest depletion and growth describe balances or imbalances in different types of forests. The intensity of use of forest resources reflects various forest management methods and their sustainability.

These data should be read in connection with other indicators of the OECD Core Set, in particular with indicators on land use changes and forest quality (species diversity, forest degradation), and be complemented with data on forest management practices and protection measures.

In interpreting these data, it should be borne in mind that definitions and estimation methods vary among countries

Countries metadatahttp://stats.oecd.org/wbos/fileview2.aspx?IDFile=04a8e6e8-69b7-408b-b909-44cd7d91ff3d