Welcome to the SIS-CC Open Data Initiative for Developers!

OECD's Open Data Initiative aims to expose OECD statistical data and metadata through web services to web developers who are interested in developing innovative applications. As part of this initiative, OECD is now offering beta versions of two new web services: the SDMX-JSON APIbeta and the ODATA APIbeta.

As part of the global standard for Statistical Data and Metadata eXchange (SDMX), the SDMX Technical Working Group is releasing the new SDMX-JSON APIbeta. This new beta release aims to gather feedback from developers on the SDMX-JSON standard itself as well as on its usability for an Open Data API.

In addition an ODATA APIbeta is also available for testing.

In parallel with the beta launch, and in preparation for the full release, the structure and content of datasets are being reviewed and are likely to evolve. Your feedback will be invaluable in ensuring a stable and easy-to-use API service in the future.

Please see the OECD’s general Terms and conditions for further information related to data reuse and linking to the OECD web site: http://www.oecd.org/termsandconditions/

Where can I find more information and ask questions?

For further information and questions related to this initiative please send an email to OpenDataAPI@oecd.org.

Get started by first exploring the formats and deciding which is best for you: