MeasureInformation on dimension
FrequencyInformation on dimensionQuarterly
Sort ascendingSort descendingSort ascendingSort descendingSort ascendingSort descendingSort ascendingSort descendingSort ascendingSort descendingSort ascendingSort descendingSort ascendingSort descendingSort ascendingSort descending
AustraliaInformation on item2.
AustriaInformation on item1.3-
BelgiumInformation on item0.1-
CanadaInformation on item1.
ChileInformation on item5.
Czech RepublicInformation on item-1.4-2.2-1.3-
DenmarkInformation on item-1.3-0.8-
EstoniaInformation on item3.
FinlandInformation on item-3.0-3.1-1.4-0.40.1-0.2-0.1..
FranceInformation on item0.0-
GermanyInformation on item0.1-
GreeceInformation on item-4.7-5.4-4.1-3.5-2.9-0.30.4..
HungaryInformation on item-2.5-
IcelandInformation on item0.
IrelandInformation on item1.
IsraelInformation on item2.
ItalyInformation on item-2.5-2.4-2.2-1.8-1.2-0.3-0.3-0.4
JapanInformation on item-0.4-
KoreaInformation on item2.
LuxembourgInformation on item0.
MexicoInformation on item3.
NetherlandsInformation on item-1.7-1.3-1.5-
New ZealandInformation on itemInformation on row2.
NorwayInformation on item1.9-
PolandInformation on item0.
PortugalInformation on item-3.8-3.8-2.1-
Slovak RepublicInformation on item0.
SloveniaInformation on item-3.5-3.3-1.7-
SpainInformation on item-2.1-1.9-1.6-1.1-
SwedenInformation on item0.
SwitzerlandInformation on item1.
TurkeyInformation on item1.
United KingdomInformation on item0.
United StatesInformation on item1.
Euro area (18 countries)Information on item-0.9-1.1-0.6-
European Union (28 countries)Information on item-0.7-0.7-
G7Information on itemInformation on row0.
NAFTAInformation on item1.
OECD - EuropeInformation on item-0.4-
G20Information on itemInformation on row2.
OECD - TotalInformation on itemInformation on row0.
ArgentinaInformation on item0.
BrazilInformation on item1.
China (People s Republic of)Information on itemInformation on row7.
IndiaInformation on item5.
IndonesiaInformation on itemInformation on row6.
RussiaInformation on item1.
South AfricaInformation on item2.
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