Time2016Information on item
PSECSE indicatorContribution to change in border price by country
% change producer priceInformation on item% change border priceInformation on itemContribution of exchange rateInformation on itemContribution of world priceInformation on item
Sort ascendingSort descendingSort ascendingSort descendingSort ascendingSort descendingSort ascendingSort descending
AustraliaInformation on item........
CanadaInformation on item-2.414.83.910.9
ChileInformation on item11.911.93.58.4
IcelandInformation on item1.2-7.6-8.40.8
IsraelInformation on item-5.33.9-1.15.0
JapanInformation on item0.0-7.1-10.33.2
KoreaInformation on item-4.3-2.72.5-5.2
MexicoInformation on item16.033.018.514.5
New ZealandInformation on item0.2-9.70.2-9.9
NorwayInformation on item2.12.94.1-1.2
SwitzerlandInformation on item0.80.12.3-2.3
TurkeyInformation on item4.02.710.6-7.9
United StatesInformation on item-7.4-3.10.0-3.1
European Union (28 countries)Information on item-5.4-1.40.3-1.7
OECD - TotalInformation on item-1.8-1.7-0.3-1.4
BrazilInformation on item16.80.24.6-4.4
China (People's Republic of)Information on item-
ColombiaInformation on item4.411.811.30.5
Costa RicaInformation on item2.91.51.8-0.3
IndonesiaInformation on item........
KazakhstanInformation on item-7.78.546.2-37.8
PhilippinesInformation on item-1.0-4.74.2-8.9
RussiaInformation on item6.75.79.3-3.6
South AfricaInformation on item9.839.616.822.8
UkraineInformation on item19.27.416.3-8.9
Viet NamInformation on item-28.7-5.22.0-7.2
Data extracted on 26 Feb 2018 01:42 UTC (GMT) from OECD.Stat


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