Time2016Information on item
UnitPercentageUS DollarInformation on item
PSECSE indicatorContibution to change in PSE by countryProducer Support Estimate (PSE)Information on item
% change PSE from the current year to last yearInformation on itemContribution of change in PSE of budgetary paymentsInformation on itemContribution to change in PSE of Market price supportInformation on itemContribution to change in PSE of MPS elements (Quantity)
Sort ascendingSort descendingSort ascendingSort descendingSort ascendingSort descendingSort ascendingSort descendingSort ascendingSort descending
AustraliaInformation on item14.714.70.0..890.2
CanadaInformation on item25.911.913.92.04 777.2
ChileInformation on item-7.1-6.6-0.5-0.9360.0
IcelandInformation on item2.60.81.8-1.3222.3
IsraelInformation on item-3.3-0.4-2.92.91 361.0
JapanInformation on item6. 666.4
KoreaInformation on item-1.42.6-4.0-1.120 039.3
MexicoInformation on item-19.2-4.2-15.00.44 194.5
New ZealandInformation on item49.73.646.11.4142.4
NorwayInformation on item-0.3-0.70.4-0.63 128.4
SwitzerlandInformation on item1. 288.1
TurkeyInformation on item10. 182.5
United StatesInformation on item-12.8-2.5-10.40.633 277.3
European Union (28 countries)Information on item6. 735.1
OECD - TotalInformation on item2. 052.5
BrazilInformation on item105.25.2100.0-7.47 362.3
China (People's Republic of)Information on item-1.5-0.2-1.3-0.1212 182.4
ColombiaInformation on item-1.3-8.77.4-6.83 297.1
Costa RicaInformation on item-3.0-1.0-2.1-0.8535.5
IndonesiaInformation on item..........
KazakhstanInformation on item-136.27.8-144.1-9.3-363.2
PhilippinesInformation on item-16.7-0.8-15.9-3.16 263.9
RussiaInformation on item43.1-8.551.6-0.611 927.5
South AfricaInformation on item-44.1-0.6-43.41.0400.6
UkraineInformation on item-47.0-15.9-31.1-11.1-2 536.1
Viet NamInformation on item8. 202.0
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