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Subjects > Production > Finland

Country: Finland Subject: Production (general, all series)

Name of collection/source
Data are collected via sample survey.

Direct source
Eurostat [except for data for Production of total industry and Production and distribution of water, sewerage, waste management and remediation activities which come directly from Statistics Finland (].
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Variables collected
Indices are based on changes in the quantity of products manufactured, raw materials used, number of hours worked, and the amount of energy consumed.

Establishments employing more than five persons are covered.

Statistical population
The statistical unit is the establishment.

Other coverage
The indices cover 80 per cent of the total gross value added in industry in the whole country.

Key statistical concept
The indices measure changes in the physical volume of production.

Classification(s) used
SIC TOL 2008 - Standard industrial classification

Index type
Laspeyres index

Weights are based on the value added at factor cost.

Country: FINLAND
Subject: Production > Construction > Total construction > Total

Direct source
Statistics Finland.


Base period
The national index base is 2010=100.

Other data characteristics
Enterprises and the local kind of activites unities are used as unit of measure. 

Sector coverage
The index covers section F of the TOL 2008 (NACE Rev. 2) Classification.

Aggregation and consolidation
The volume index of total construction is obtained by weighting together the volume indices of building construction and civil engineering.

The weights used are the value added shares from the national accounts of the base year (2010=100).

Country: Finland Subject: Production > Manufacturing > Intermediate goods

Other coverage
The intermediate goods industrial production combines 10.4% energy products and 44.9% of other intermediate goods.

Country: Finland Subject: Production > Manufacturing > Investment goods

Other coverage
The investments goods represents 25.5% of total production.

Country: Finland Subject: Production > Manufacturing > Wood

Item coverage
Wood fellings refer to solid wood with bark and firewood for industry and export.

Other manipulations
The series is computed as the trend obtained from the seasonally adjusted series by eliminating the variation in the residual series.