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Subjects > International Trade > China

Country: CHINA
Subject: International Trade

Name of collection/source
Customs statistics cover all merchandise passing through the customs territory of the People's Republic of China (excluding the separate customs territories of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), excluding the following types of goods: temporary imports or exports, goods on lease for less than one year, personal effects of travelers, goods consigned to diplomatic missions, confiscated contrabands, and goods in transit.

Direct source
National Bureau of Statistics of China. Import and export data are supplied by the General Administration of Customs. Data for the period 1978-1979 were supplied by the Ministry of Foreign Trade,

Geographic coverage
The statistical territory of merchandise trade statistics coincides with the customs territory of the People's Republic of China, excluding the separate customs territories of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

Key statistical concept
Quantities of imports or exports are recorded in terms of units of quantity as specified in the Nomenclature for China Customs Statistics. The weight recorded represents the net weight of goods. Imports are valued on a cif basis and exports on a fob basis. Since 1980, the compilation of Customs statistics follows the concepts and definitions recommended by the United Nations, that is International Merchandise Trade Statistics: Concepts and Definitions, Rev. 2, New York, UN, 1998 (IMTS). Data include value of total imports and exports in million US dollars.

Seasonal adjustment
Monthly time series are seasonally adjusted by OECD using the TRAMO-SEATS method.

Quality comments
Imports and exports are recorded on the date when the goods are cleared from Customs. Since 1992, an 8-digit classification based upon the Harmonized System (HS) is used for collecting and compiling trade statistics. SITC is used for trade analysis. During 1980-1991, customs statistics were classified using a 6-digit classification based upon SITC Rev. 2. Monthly provisional trade data are released by Customs General Administration (CGA) within 13 days after the reference month.