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Subjects > International Trade > Indonesia

Subject: International Trade

Name of collection/source
Data compiled are based on documents of export-import declaration issued by Custom and Excise Offices.

Direct source
WTO or Badan Pusak Statistik (statistics Indonesia)

Statistical population
All quantities are stated in net weight Kilograms. Data obtained are based on complete enumeration, and received from Custom and Excise Offices (Kantor Pelayanan Bea dan Cukai) located across the country.

Geographic coverage
Data do not include imports into bonded warehouses or into the island of Batam, but include goods exported from bonded warehouses and from Batam to other parts of Indonesia. The recording of goods from Batam to other parts of Indonesia is incomplete.

Key statistical concept
Export statistics are compiled according to the system of general trade. Import statistics are compiled according to the system of special trade. Exports are and imports are valued f.o.b. All goods are included except the followings: Clothes and jewelry of passengers; Luggage of passengers of own use, except refrigerators, television sets, etc.; Goods exported/imported for the use of countries representative (embassies); Goods for expeditions and exhibition shows; A part of the goods directly exported/imported by armed forces; Packing containers to be refilled; Bank notes and securities; and Sample goods.

Seasonal adjustment
Monthly time series are seasonally adjusted by OECD using the TRAMO-SEATS method.