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Subjects > Balance of Payments > Ireland

Country: IRELAND
Subject: Balance of Payments BPM6

Data source(s) used
Ireland's balance of payments statistics are compiled from a combination of results of surveys carried out by the BOP section of the Central Statistics Office, data from administrative sources and statistics generated by other sections of the CSO.

Direct source
EUROSTAT - Central Statistical Office of Ireland

Source Periodicity

Source metadata
The methodology is described in each issue of the quarterly publication of the Central Statistics Office: "Statistical Bulletin".

Geographic coverage
All of Eire.

Key statistical concept
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Seasonal adjustment
Current account time series are seasonally adjusted by OECD using the TRAMO-SEATS method. The procedure is indirect, that is the component credits and debits series are adjusted individually and the totals and balances are then derived by summing the components. The procedure also uses an option which ensures that the seasonally adjusted quarterly figures sum to the corresponding unadjusted annual data.

Quality comments
BOP surveys are statutory and are conducted under the Statistics Order 1996 made under the Statistics Act, 1993. Merchandise import are valued c.i.f. and exports are valued f.o.b. BOP adjustments made to the basic export and import figures include the exclusion of temporary and redirected transactions; estimation for unrecorded trade and the addition to exports of some sales of software licencies excluded before.

Country: Ireland Subject: Balance of Payments > Current Account Balance

Other manipulations
Data presented in US dollars are obtained by converting the quarterly figures expressed in national currency using the quarterly average exchange rate.

Country: Ireland Subject: Balance of Payments > Current Account Balance > Services > Total

Name of collection/source
Information is obtained from surveys of the companies concerned. Figures for tourism and travel are obtained from the Passenger Card Inquiry.

Key statistical concept
Net services refer to the items 'International freight', 'Passenger fare receipts', 'Other transportation', 'Tourism and travel', 'Royalties, licences' and 'Other services'.

Other manipulations
Annual data are sum of quarterly data.

Quality comments
'International freight' includes the total receipts, from Irish residents and from non-residents, of Irish sea and air carriers in connection with the importation of goods to Ireland and the total receipts of these carriers from non-residents for all other international shipments of freight. 'Passenger fare receipts' includes the total foreign receipts, inclusive of catering services receipts, of Irish sea and air carriers from non-residents in connection with the carriage of passengers whether on scheduled services or on charter services other than time charters. 'Other transportation' includes the time charter receipts and payments of Irish sea and air carriers, all other foreign receipts and payments of these carriers and the bunkering, portal and other expenditure in Ireland on non-resident carriers.

Country: Ireland Subject: Balance of Payments > Current Account Balance > Trade: goods > Total

Other manipulations
The trade balance is adjusted by the Central Statistical Office for balance of payments purposes. Estimates are made of unrecorded trade, particularly cross-border trade.

Quality comments
Temporary and redirected transactions are omitted, since ownership of the goods concerned does not change as between residents of Ireland and non residents; a similar adjustment is made in respect of transfers of EU agricultural intervention goods to stores abroad and of sales from those stores.

Country: IRELAND
Subject: Trade: exports of goods

Seasonal adjustment
The seasonally adjusted series for Goods, Total Credits is equal to the corresponding raw series as no seasonality was found.