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Subjects > Balance of Payments > Korea

Country: KOREA
Subject: Balance of Payments BPM6

Data source(s) used
The Bank of Korea (BOK) is responsible for compiling the balance of payments and international investment position. Data are obtained from various sources: 1. BOK's own surveys; 2. The Korean foreign exchange receipts and payments statistics (KFX) compiled by BOK; 3. Import-export statistics from the Korean Customs Service; and 4. Other administrative sources.

Direct source
Bank of Korea

Source Periodicity
Data are published monthly.

Source metadata
Methodological details (in Korean) are available in the annual publication of the Bank of Korea: About the Balance of Payments of Korea. Metadata, in English, are available in the IMF Balance of Payments Statistics.

Geographic coverage
Data cover all the geographic territory administered by the government of Korea.

Key statistical concept

Seasonal adjustment
Current account time series are seasonally adjusted by the Bank of Korea. The procedure is indirect, that is the component credits and debits series are adjusted individually and the totals and balances are then derived by summing the components.

Country: Korea Subject: Balance of Payments > Capital and Financial Accounts > Total (BPM6) > Incl. change in official reserves

Key statistical concept
Data refer to capital and financial accounts.