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Subjects > Orders

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Subject: Orders

Contact person/organisation
OECD statistics contact:

Direct source
Data are generally provided directly from the National Statistical Offices being compiled from sample surveys. Exceptions are noted in country metadata.

Source Periodicity
Data are generally available from sources every month. Exceptions (reported on a quarterly basis) are noted in country metadata.

Base period
OECD reference period is 2010. Country base period is noted in country metadata where data are presented as indices.

Sector coverage
Data covers construction or manufacturing industry.

Seasonal adjustment
The main seasonal adjustment methods used across OECD countries are X12-ARIMA and TRAMO-SEATS. Where data has been seasonally adjusted by the OECD, the X12-ARIMA method has been used. Specific information is noted in country metadata.

Other manipulations
Annual and quarterly data are generally the average of monthly data. Exceptions are noted in country metadata.

Subject: Orders > Construction

Sector coverage
Data covers construction industry. Data are available for total construction, buildings, dwelling, residential or non-residential buildings.

Key statistical concept
Recorded building plans passed by municipalities by type of building.

Subject: Dwellings / Residential buildings
Measure: Index publication base SA

Unit of measure used


Reference period

Subject: Orders > Manufacturing

Unit of measure used
Data are measured in various ways, e.g. indices (an average for a reference year equal to 100), national currencies, etc. Further information is noted in country metadata.

Statistical population
OECD countries currently utilise one or a combinations of four statistical units (i.e. enterprise, kind-of-activity unit, local unit and establishment). Specific information is noted in country metadata.

Sector coverage
Data covers the manufacturing industry. Specific information or exceptions is available at country level.

Key statistical concept
Data refer to those received by manufacturing units from domestic and foreign markets during the reference period for immediate or future delivery. Production-related services as well as consumption taxes, packaging and shipping and transportation costs are included. VAT, rebates, resales without further processing and cancellations are excluded. Specific information is available at country level.