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This interface provides access to time series data for 21 key economic variables (see below for the full list) as originally published in each monthly edition of the MEI from February 1999 onwards. This real-time database will enable economists to perform real-time data analysis of econometric models and statisticians to study the magnitude and direction of subsequent revisions to published statistics. Data for all OECD countries, the Euro area, China, India, Brazil, South Africa and the Russian Federation are available. Automated programs to perform revisions analysis are provided.

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Access the real-time database

Variables included in the database

Data is available for the following 21 key economic variables at the frequency published by the national institute (i.e. monthly or quarterly). Some variables may not be available for some countries.
  • GDP: Total, constant prices;
  • GDP: Private consumption expenditure, constant prices;
  • GDP: Government consumption expenditure, constant prices;
  • GDP: Gross fixed capital formation, constant prices;
  • GDP: Exports of goods and services, constant prices;
  • GDP: Imports of goods and services, constant prices;
  • GDP: Total, current prices;
  • GDP: Total, implicit price deflator;
  • Index of industrial production;
  • Production in construction
  • Composite leading indicator: trend restored;
  • Composite leading indicator: year-on-year growth rate;
  • Retail trade volume;
  • Consumer Price Index;
  • Harmonised unemployment rate;
  • Employment;
  • Hourly earnings, manufacturing;
  • Monetary aggregates broad money;
  • International trade in goods exports and imports;
  • Balance of Payments current account balance.
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