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This interface provides access to long time series of growth rates for a number of Key Economic Indicators collected within the Main Economic Indicators database. Growth rates are presented as: (i) Growth on the previous period (annual, monthly and quarterly) and (ii) Growth on the same period a year earlier (for years quarters and months). For some indicators however, such as the current account balance (balance of payments) and financial indicators, the publication of growth rates is not particularly helpful and for these indicators this interface presents data in either US dollars or rates, where appropriate. Future versions of this interface will continue to reflect improvements including, for example, comparisons of ratios, such as the current account balance as a percent of GDP.


All data is available via the Key Economic Indicators dataset in the OECD's dissemination tool - OECD.Stat Extracts

The following table views have been created by subject to assist the user in finding their required data:

Database Variables

The Key Economic Indicators (KEI) dataset contains 34 key economic indicators with most being presented in 'Growth previous period' and 'Growth on the same period of the previous year'. Where this measure is not appropriate the measure is 'Level, ratio or USD millions'.

Growth previous period and Growth on the same period of the previous year:

  • Quarterly national accounts (constant prices, seasonally adjusted)
    • Gross domestic product
    • Private final consumption expenditure
    • Household final consumption expenditure
    • Government final consumption expenditure
    • Gross fixed capital formation
    • Exports of goods and services
    • Imports of goods and services
  • Production, Sales & Orders (seasonally adjusted)
    • Industrial production
    • Retail trade (volume)
    • Passenger car registrations
    • Permits issued for dwellings
  • Labour indicators (seasonally adjusted)
    • Employment: all persons
    • Hourly earnings: manufacturing
    • Unit labour cost: business sector, trend-cycle
  • Price Indices
    • Producer prices: manufactured goods
    • Consumer prices: all items
  • Financial indicators
    • Broad money, seasonally adjusted
    • Share prices
  • International trade (seasonally adjusted)
    • Imports of goods
    • Exports of goods
  • Balance of payments (USD, seasonally adjusted)
    • Service exports
    • Service imports

Level, ratio or USD millions [measure specified in square brackets]

  • Cyclical indicators [ratio]
    • Leading indicator, amplitude adjusted
    • Industrial production, normalized series (HP filter)1
    • Production in total manufacturing, normalized series (HP filter)1
    • Sales of manufactured goods, normalized series (HP filter)1
    • Gross domestic product, normalized series (HP filter)1
    • Business confidence: manufacturing, seasonally adjusted
    • Consumer confidence, seasonally adjusted
  • Labour Indicators (seasonally adjusted) [percent]
    • Harmonised unemployment rate: all persons
  • Financial Indicators
    • Overnight interbank rate [percent]
    • Long-term interest rate [percent]
    • Exchange rates, USD monthly averages [ratio]
  • Balance of payments (USD, seasonally adjusted) [ratio]
    • Current account balance as a % of GDP

Overview Variable Metadata

Where possible data has been provided for all 34 OECD member countries, the Euro area, the BRIICS (Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Russian Federation, and South Africa) and various country groupings (OECD Total, European Union, OECD Europe and Major Seven Countries) for each subject. In most cases missing country data indicates that the country does not compile this data. Full subject and country metadata can be accessed either via OECD.Stat Extracts or MEI Sources and Definitions.

In most cases and unless stated, growth rates have been compiled from series whose core data is in national currency or levels (eg persons). 

The following subjects have dedicated webpages where detailed information about this subject can be found: Quarterly National Accounts and Cyclical Indicators.



1 For more information about the methology click here