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A_Health Status_Mortality HEALTH_STAT_A_Health Status_Mortality.pdf 13 23/09/2020
1_Life expectancy HEALTH_STAT_1_Life expectancy.pdf 340 30/06/2020
2_Causes of mortality HEALTH_STAT_2_Causes of mortality.pdf 194 03/02/2021
3_Maternal and infant mortality HEALTH_STAT_3_Maternal and infant mortality.pdf 11 30/06/2020
3_1_Infant mortality HEALTH_STAT_3_1_Infant mortality.pdf 441 30/06/2020
3_2_Neonatal mortality HEALTH_STAT_3_2_Neonatal mortality.pdf 435 30/06/2020
3_3_Perinatal mortality HEALTH_STAT_3_3_Perinatal mortality.pdf 680 30/06/2020
3_4_Maternal mortality HEALTH_STAT_3_4_Maternal mortality.pdf 349 30/06/2020
4_Potential years of life lost HEALTH_STAT_4_Potential years of life lost.pdf 18 30/06/2020
5_Avoidable mortality HEALTH_STAT_5_Avoidable mortality.pdf 33 03/02/2021
CorrespondenceTable_Mortality_PYLL_ICDCodes_OECDHealthStatistics2018 MS Excel CorrespondenceTable_Mortality_PYLL_ICDCodes_OECDHealthStatistics2020.xls 42 30/06/2020
B_Health Status_Morbidity HEALTH_STAT_B_Health Status_Morbidity.pdf 14 30/06/2020
6_Perceived health status HEALTH_STAT_6_Perceived health status.pdf 401 30/06/2020
7_Perceived health status by age and gender HEALTH_STAT_7_Perceived health status by age and gender.pdf 599 31/03/2021
8_Perceived health status by socio-economic status HEALTH_STAT_8_Perceived health status by socio-economic status.pdf 569 30/06/2020
9_Low birthweight HEALTH_STAT_9_Low birthweight.pdf 421 30/06/2020
10_Communicable diseases HEALTH_STAT_10_Communicable diseases.pdf 11 30/06/2020
10_1_AIDS HEALTH_STAT_10_1_AIDS.pdf 420 30/06/2020
10_2_Incidence of pertussis, measles and hepatitis B HEALTH_STAT_10_2_Incidence of pertussis, measles and hepatitis B.pdf 163 30/06/2020
11_Cancer HEALTH_STAT_11_Cancer.pdf 121 30/06/2020
12_Injuries in road traffic accidents HEALTH_STAT_12_Injuries in road traffic accidents.pdf 270 30/06/2020
13_Absence from work due to illness_Self-reported and Compensated HEALTH_STAT_13_Absence from work due to illness_Self-reported and Compensated.pdf 12 30/06/2020
13_1_Self-reported absence from work due to illness HEALTH_STAT_13_1_Self-reported absence from work due to illness.pdf 470 30/06/2020
13_2_Compensated absence from work due to illness HEALTH_STAT_13_2_Compensated absence from work due to illness.pdf 417 30/06/2020