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Content FAQs

1. How can I get a longer time series than the one I see in the table displayed?
2. How can I modify the layout of the default table?
3. How can I download the data I have selected?
4. How can I see when the data was last updated?
5. How can I find metadata information on the data I selected?
6. Who should I contact if I have a question?
7. How can I save and update my own data selection?

When opening OECD.Stat Extracts you get a default table view with a predefined selection of items. You can modify this table view and change the time period. To do so:
  1. Go to Customise >> Selection and choose the table dimension you want to modify or
  2. Click a dimension title in the table and make your selection.
You can also change country/zone, subject, measure and frequency (annual, quarterly, monthly) by following the steps above.

When opening OECD.Stat Extracts a default table view is displayed with a predefined layout. To modify this layout, go to Customise >> Layout and:
  1. drag and drop the table dimensions into the table header, into columns or into rows or
  2. use the arrows to move the dimensions:
    1. up and down
    2. from header to columns or rows (and inversely) and
    3. from columns to rows (and inversely).

In OECD.Stat Extracts you can download a data selection by going to Export, you will then be able to choose the appropriate format. Data can be easily exported to Excel. For long time series, we recommend using the "Text file (csv)” format.

To get the data “timestamp”, go to Customise >> Table options. In the pop-up box, select “Timestamp” then click table view.

To find metadata information, click on the next to the title of the table or next to any item in the table for which metadata information is available.

If you want to get a quick reply to your question, it is very important that you write to the correct contact email address. When a table is opened, the contact email address related to the table can be found by clicking on the tab on the right-hand side of the screen.

In order to save your data selection in OECD.Stat Extracts, you have to first log in by clicking Login on the top right corner of the screen. If you do not have an OECD account, you can register at Once logged in, you can save your data selection by clicking My Queries >> Save.