Education level and programe orientationTotal tertiary education (ISCED2011 levels 5 to 8)Primary, secondary education and post-secondary non-tertiary educationISCED2011 levels 1 to 8
IndicatorSource of fundsType of expenditureInstitution type
Relative shares of public, private and international expenditureInformation on itemGeneral governmentAll expenditure typesAll public and private educational institutions37.881.266.4
Non-educational private sector62.218.833.6
Other non-educational private entities
Relative shares of public expenditure on education by level of governmentInformation on itemCentral governmentAll sectors90.53.930.8
State government
Local government
Relative shares of current and capital expenditureInformation on itemTotalCurrent expenditureAll public and private educational institutions88.691.990.8
Public educational institutions88.695.192.3
All private educational institutions89.985.986.2
Capital expenditureAll public and private educational institutions11.48.19.2
Public educational institutions11.44.97.7
All private educational institutions10.114.113.8
Expenditure per full-time equivalent studentInformation on itemGeneral governmentAll expenditure typesAll public and private educational institutions7 694.28 737.38 512.6
Public educational institutions8 288.29 267.89 001.2
All private educational institutions464.57 619.17 183.9
Non-educational private sectorAll public and private educational institutions12 649.92 029.24 316.9
Public educational institutions10 828.6542.33 342.6
All private educational institutions34 816.95 162.86 966.8
TotalAll public and private educational institutions20 344.210 766.412 829.5
Public educational institutions19 116.89 810.112 343.7
All private educational institutions35 281.312 781.914 150.6
Expenditure for ancillary servicesAll public and private educational institutions788.2225.4346.6
Expenditure for R&D activities6 185.50.01 332.4
Core services OECD13 370.410 541.111 150.5
Expenditure per student as share of GDP per capitaInformation on itemAll expenditure types42.922.727.0
Expenditure as a percentage of GDPInformation on itemGeneral government0.83.24.0
Non-educational private sector1.30.72.0
Expenditure on education as a share of total government expenditureInformation on itemGeneral governmentAll sectors4.29.313.5
All public and private educational institutions2.18.810.9
Relative shares of staff compensation and other types of current expenditureInformation on itemTotalCurrent expenditureHide subtree Expenditure for compensation of personnel62.476.972.1
Public educational institutions61.577.070.6
All private educational institutions81.176.777.0
Expenditure for compensation of personnelExpenditure for compensation of teachers (with active teaching responsibilities)All public and private educational institutions34.360.752.1
Public educational institutions33.962.050.5
All private educational institutions42.558.257.2
Expenditure for compensation of other pedagogical, administrative, and professional personnel + support personnelAll public and private educational institutions28.116.220.1
Public educational institutions27.615.020.2
All private educational institutions38.618.519.8
Current expenditure other than for compensation of personnelAll public and private educational institutions37.623.127.9
Public educational institutions38.523.029.4
All private educational institutions18.923.323.0
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