Education level and programe orientationTotal tertiary education (ISCED2011 levels 5 to 8)Primary, secondary education and post-secondary non-tertiary educationISCED2011 levels 1 to 8
IndicatorSource of fundsType of expenditureInstitution type
Annual expenditure per studentTotalAll expenditure typesAll public and private educational institutions18 037.59 437.811 149.1
Public educational institutions18 956.59 670.612 079.8
All private educational institutions8 840.69 015.19 004.7
Expenditure for ancillary servicesAll public and private educational institutions732.6248.6344.9
Public educational institutions663.497.3244.2
All private educational institutions57.8210.2201.1
Expenditure for R&D activitiesAll public and private educational institutions6 603.40.01 314.1
Public educational institutions
All private educational institutions
Core services OECDAll public and private educational institutions10 701.49 189.19 490.1
Public educational institutions
9 573.311 835.6
All private educational institutions
8 804.98 803.5
Proportion of expenditure by educational institutionsAll expenditure typesAll public and private educational institutions29.361.791.0
Public educational institutions40.759.3100.0
All private educational institutions5.994.1100.0
Proportions of public and private expenditureGeneral governmentAll public and private educational institutions38.881.367.7
State and local government0.10.30.2
Non-educational private sector61.218.732.3
Other non-educational private entities13.62.56.0
Public Expenditure per studentGeneral governmentAll sectors14 261.58 895.39 963.2
Expenditure for R&D activitiesAll public and private educational institutions6 044.10.01 202.8
Direct expenditure7 521.48 354.58 188.7
Public educational institutions8 256.79 423.89 121.0
All private educational institutions161.66 413.66 040.2
Initial Public Funds for educationAll expenditure typesAll sectors100.0100.0100.0
Central government94.533.350.8
State government5.566.749.2
Local government0.00.00.0
Final Public Funds for educationGeneral government100.0100.0100.0
Central government92.74.629.7
State government7.395.470.3
Local government0.00.00.0
Expenditure by resource categoryTotalHide subtree Current expenditureAll public and private educational institutions88.191.690.5
Public educational institutions87.994.291.6
All private educational institutions93.486.586.9
Current expenditureHide subtree Expenditure for compensation of personnelAll public and private educational institutions62.776.372.0
Public educational institutions61.876.170.5
All private educational institutions80.976.777.0
Expenditure for compensation of personnelExpenditure for compensation of teachers (with active teaching responsibilities)All public and private educational institutions33.960.352.0
Public educational institutions33.561.350.4
All private educational institutions42.458.457.4
Expenditure for compensation of other pedagogical, administrative, and professional personnel + support personnelAll public and private educational institutions28.815.920.0
Public educational institutions28.414.820.1
All private educational institutions38.518.319.6
Current expenditure other than for compensation of personnelAll public and private educational institutions37.323.728.0
Public educational institutions38.223.929.5
All private educational institutions19.123.323.0
Capital expenditureAll public and private educational institutions11.98.49.5
Public educational institutions12.15.88.4
All private educational institutions6.613.513.1
Annual expenditure per student relative to per capita GDPAll expenditure typesAll public and private educational institutions38.220.023.6
Public educational institutions40.220.525.6
All private educational institutions18.719.119.1
Expenditure on educational institutions as percentage of GDPGeneral governmentDirect expenditurePublic educational institutions0.73.23.9
TotalAll expenditure typesAll public and private educational institutions1.83.95.8
Public expenditure on education as percentage of total government expenditureGeneral governmentAll sectors3.89.613.4
All public and private educational institutions2.09.011.0
Expenditure as percentage of GDP by source of found0.73.23.9
Non-educational private sector1.10.71.8
Public expenditure on education as pecentage of GDPGeneral governmentAll sectors1.43.44.8
Change in expenditure per student (2010=100)Total115.997.0102.8
Change in expenditure (2010=100)General government132.598.3106.1
All public and private educational institutions106.397.699.1
Non-educational private sector145.7124.0136.3
Change in the number of students (2010=100)113.2107.9108.9
Public educational institutions110.6103.5105.2
Change in GDP year on yearAll sectors....102.4
Change in expenditure year on yearGeneral governmentDirect expenditureAll public and private educational institutions....102.1
Change in total government expenditure (2010=100)All expenditure typesAll sectors....118.0
Change in the share of public expenditure on education as a percentage of total goverment expenditure (2010=100)112.383.389.9
Total government expenditure as a percentage of GDP....35.5
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