UnitMillion SBD, Millions
Hide subtree Total tax and non-tax revenue1 032.6731 080.0931 381.8271 814.0442 055.5842 193.0922 273.0872 394.5692 367.7412 632.686
Total tax and non-tax revenueHide subtree Total tax revenue1 031.8591 079.081 376.4291 812.4862 052.6952 189.0292 268.9422 392.232 366.52 631.666
Total tax revenueHide subtree 1000 Taxes on income, profits and capital gains259.894318.368417.687468.412563.774642.287622.197719.306689.822779.916
1000 Taxes on income, profits and capital gainsHide subtree 1100 Taxes on income, profits and capital gains of individuals185.173222.56280.253325.191377.379402.955404.484436.515411.492490.589
1100 Taxes on income, profits and capital gains of individuals1110 On income and profits of individuals185.173222.56280.253325.191377.379402.955404.484436.515411.492490.589
Hide subtree 1200 Taxes on income, profits and capital gains of corporates74.72195.807137.434143.221186.395239.332217.712282.792278.33289.327
1200 Taxes on income, profits and capital gains of corporatesHide subtree 1210 On profits of corporates74.72195.807137.434143.221186.395239.332217.712282.792278.33289.327
1210 On profits of corporatesDividend WHT28.63633.39841.4845.07254.25886.84573.512118.319106.034113.787
Non-resident WHT22.2326.42342.62251.81656.14774.83863.32970.63867.72665.798
Resident WHT23.85535.98653.33246.33275.9977.64980.8793.835104.57109.742
1300 Unallocable between 1100 and 12000000000000
2000 Social security contributions (SSC)0000000000
3000 Taxes on payroll and workforce0000000000
Hide subtree 4000 Taxes on property11.3613.9468.04118.2129.06310.85413.6519.04216.96314.137
4000 Taxes on property4100 Recurrent taxes on immovable property0000000000
4200 Recurrent taxes on net wealth0000000000
4300 Estate, inheritance and gift taxes0000000000
4400 Taxes on financial and capital transactions11.3613.9468.04118.2129.06310.85413.6519.04216.96314.137
4500 Non-recurrent taxes on property0000000000
4600 Other recurrent taxes on property except 4100 and 42000000000000
Hide subtree 5000 Taxes on goods and services760.605746.767950.7011 325.8621 479.8581 535.8881 633.0951 653.8821 659.7151 837.613
5000 Taxes on goods and servicesHide subtree 5100 Taxes on production, sale, transfer, etc756.045741.538944.1111 318.051 471.6041 526.5871 618.6811 638.2471 643.1971 820.724
5100 Taxes on production, sale, transfer, etcHide subtree 5110 General taxes on goods and services368.441366.974457.658619.964696.447733.853746.781720.807682.465773.407
5110 General taxes on goods and services5111 Value added taxes0000000000
5112 Sales tax368.441366.974457.658619.964696.447733.853746.781720.807682.465773.407
5113 Other (than value added and sales tax)0000000000
Hide subtree 5120 Taxes on specific goods and services387.604374.564486.453698.086775.157792.735871.9917.44960.7321 047.317
5120 Taxes on specific goods and servicesHide subtree 5121 Excises61.18278.742105.784131.792150.075137.634158.173143.833162.799173.479
5121 ExcisesTobacco33.96640.87958.91376.9293.18279.06695.50588.59394.731109.121
5122 Profits of fiscal monopolies0000000000
5123 Customs and import duties110.6124.142135.903186.328201.688228.604217.312214.009215.449242.558
Hide subtree 5124 Taxes on exports215.822171.68244.766379.967423.394426.497496.415559.598582.484631.281
5124 Taxes on exportsExport duty on minerals1.0551.1371.5495.50913.11411.2626.0371.3851.8471.28
Export duty on shells0.4650.2560.6491.4983.1190.9340.8440.8050.4940.308
Export duty on fish2.5431.3742.4082.1962.3651.2960.9370.5221.0111.663
Export duty on timber/log210.29164.903239.882369.066404.373408.567486.668468.778578.584627.124
Export duty on other products1.4694.010.2781.6980.4244.4391.92988.1070.5490.905
5125 Taxes on investment goods0000000000
5126 Taxes on specific services0000000000
5127 Other taxes on internat. trade and transactions not included within 5121 to 5126 inclusive0000000000
5128 Other taxes not included within 5121 to 5127 inclusive0000000000
5130 Unallocable between 5110 and 51200000000000
Hide subtree 5200 Taxes on use of goods and perform activities4.565.2286.597.8128.2539.30114.41315.63516.51816.888
5200 Taxes on use of goods and perform activitiesHide subtree 5210 Recurrent taxes on use of goods and perform activities4.565.2286.597.8128.2539.30114.41315.63516.51816.888
5210 Recurrent taxes on use of goods and perform activities5211 Recurrent taxes paid by households: motor vehicles0000000000
5212 Recurrent taxes paid by others: motor vehicles0000000000
5213 Recurrent taxes paid on use of goods and perform activities other than on motor vehicles4.565.2286.597.8128.2539.30114.41315.63516.51816.888
5220 Non-recurrent taxes on use of goods and perform activities0000000000
5300 Unallocable between 5100 and 52000000000000
6000 Taxes other than 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 and 50000000000000
Hide subtree Total non-tax revenue0.8141.0135.3981.5582.8894.0624.1452.3391.2411.02
Total non-tax revenueNon-tax revenue: Grants0000000000
Non-tax revenue: Property income0000000000
Non-tax revenue: Sales of goods and services0.5110.8862.3581.152.4141.4751.4431.1851.0860.85
Non-tax revenue: Fines, penalties and forfeits0.3030.1263.040.4080.4752.5872.7031.1540.1560.171
Non-tax revenue: Miscellaneous and unidentified revenue0000000000
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