Part1 : Part I - Developing Countries
Fund flows
Amount type
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Aid typeUnit
I. Official Development Assistance (ODA) (I.A + I.B)US Dollar, MillionsInformation on row4 538.544 296.435 435.724 973.434 160.01
I.A. Bilateral Official Development Assistance by types of aid (1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10)US Dollar, Millions3 278.293 346.653 432.413 792.152 457.27
I.A.1. Budget supportUS Dollar, MillionsInformation on row62.75185.5761.42141.8470.77
I.A.1.1. General budget supportUS Dollar, MillionsInformation on row..54.3140.3..7.71
I.A.1.2. Sector budget supportUS Dollar, MillionsInformation on row62.75131.2621.12141.8463.06
I.A.2. Bilateral core contributions & pooled programmes & fundsUS Dollar, MillionsInformation on row1 470.741 421.41 365.011 422.48517.53
I.A.2.1. Core support to NGOs, other priv. bodies, PPPs & research institutesUS Dollar, MillionsInformation on row22.98164.8127.33106.821.82
I.A.2.1.a. Core support to donor country-based NGOs & civil societyUS Dollar, Millions9.980.2510.82105.63..
I.A.2.1.b. Core support to international NGOs (including developing country-based NGOs)US Dollar, Millions9.94163.970.170.150.27
I.A.2.1.c. Core support to Public-Private Partnerships (including networks)US Dollar, Millions0.420.520.630.980.52
I.A.2.1.d. OtherUS Dollar, Millions2.650.0715.710.061.03
I.A.2.2. Specific-purpose programmes & funds managed by int'l org.US Dollar, MillionsInformation on row1 185.231 234.711 293.911 203.7440.94
I.A.2.3. Basket funds/pooled fundingUS Dollar, MillionsInformation on row262.5221.8843.77111.9774.77
I.A.3. Project-type interventionsUS Dollar, MillionsInformation on row991.31960.391 194.131 589.151 322.19
I.A.3.1. Investment projectsUS Dollar, Millions2.6626.533.01....
I.A.3.1. Investment projects, of which: equitiesUS Dollar, Millions..........
I.A.3.2. Other projectsUS Dollar, Millions988.65933.851 191.121 589.151 322.19
Memo: Projects qualifying as programme-based approachesUS Dollar, Millions81.37128.4821.1769.422.56
Memo: Cost of donor experts included in projects (optional reporting)US Dollar, Millions..........
I.A.4. Experts and other technical assistanceUS Dollar, MillionsInformation on row292.6184.15360.7479.5199.41
I.A.4.1. Donor personnelUS Dollar, MillionsInformation on row180.31145.97315.0558.6581.32
I.A.4.2. Other technical assistanceUS Dollar, MillionsInformation on row112.2938.1945.6920.8618.09
I.A.5. Scholarships and student costs in donor countriesUS Dollar, Millions150.59222.57129.2762.89104.9
I.A.5.1. Scholarships/training in donor countryUS Dollar, MillionsInformation on row9.4266.6710.968.038.76
I.A.5.2. Imputed student costsUS Dollar, MillionsInformation on row141.17155.89118.3154.8696.14
I.A.6. Debt reliefUS Dollar, MillionsInformation on row........6.52
I.A.6.1. Debt forgiveness and debt reschedulingUS Dollar, Millions........6.52
I.A.6.1.a. ODA claims (for loans, only capitalised interest)US Dollar, Millions........6.52
I.A.6.1. Memo: Grants for debt service reductionUS Dollar, Millions..........
I.A.6.2. Other action on debtUS Dollar, Millions..........
I.A.6.2.a. Service payments to third partiesUS Dollar, Millions..........
I.A.6.2.b. Debt conversionUS Dollar, Millions..........
I.A.6.2.c. Debt buybacksUS Dollar, Millions..........
I.A.6.2.d. OtherUS Dollar, Millions..........
I.A.7. Administrative costs not included elsewhereUS Dollar, MillionsInformation on row259.71232.81198.92184.82178.93
I.A.8. Other in-donor expendituresUS Dollar, MillionsInformation on row212.21240.46232.79402.22469.2
I.A.8.1. Development awarenessUS Dollar, MillionsInformation on row1.0624.0319.7911.792.26
I.A.8.2. Refugees in donor countriesUS Dollar, MillionsInformation on row211.15216.43212.99390.43466.94
I.A.9. Recoveries on bilateral ODA grants / negative commitmentsUS Dollar, Millions-161.62-100.7-109.87-90.78-312.18
I.A. Memo: Programme-based approaches (PBAs)US Dollar, Millions409.07459.96126.36323.23148.41
I.A. Memo: Free-standing technical co-operation (FTC)US Dollar, Millions775.871 039.281 094.62708.92548.36
I.A. Memo: ODA channelled through private entitiesUS Dollar, Millions681.11837.091 329.341 182.77650.65
I.A. Memo: ODA channelled through multilateral organisationsUS Dollar, Millions1 342.571 163.21 179.931 268.57970.73
I.A. Memo: Post-conflict peacebuilding operationsUS Dollar, Millions30.9617.8514.8123.0919.73
I.A. Memo: Relief food aidUS Dollar, Millions192.8208.4170.15360.37118.6
hist: development food aidUS Dollar, MillionsInformation on row..........
hist: humanitarian aid grantsUS Dollar, MillionsInformation on row..........
I.A.11. Other ODA not assigned to the above categories (historical series)US Dollar, MillionsInformation on row..........
I.B. Multilateral Official Development Assistance (capital subscriptions are included with grants)US Dollar, MillionsInformation on row1 260.25949.782 003.311 181.281 702.74
I.B.1. Multilateral contributions to:US Dollar, Millions1 260.25949.782 003.391 195.861 729.56
I.B.1.1. UN agenciesUS Dollar, Millions362.65182.98215.74518.21140.03
I.B.1.2. EU institutionsUS Dollar, Millions..........
I.B.1.3. IDAUS Dollar, Millions478.37446.1385.52371.82379.65
I.B.1.4. Other World Bank (IBRD, IFC, MIGA)US Dollar, Millions40.530.6......
Memo: World Bank, Total (I.B.1.3. + I.B.1.4.)US Dollar, Millions518.9446.7385.52371.82379.65
I.B.1.5. Regional development banksUS Dollar, Millions243.89201.26203.23142.73544.54
I.B.1.6. Global Environment Facility (96%)US Dollar, Millions53.1524.8764.1768.47..
I.B.1.7. Montreal ProtocolUS Dollar, Millions5.174.855.184.991.02
I.B.1.8. Other agenciesUS Dollar, Millions101.189.121 129.5589.63664.31
I.B.2. Recoveries on multilateral ODA grants and capital subscriptions / negative commitmentsUS Dollar, Millions-24.61....-14.58-26.82
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