Aid typeTotal ODAInformation on item
Amount typeInformation on item
UnitUS Dollar, Millions
Sort ascendingSort descendingSort ascendingSort descendingSort ascendingSort descendingSort ascendingSort descendingSort ascendingSort descending
I. Social Infrastructure & ServicesInformation on item1 173.231 311.051 424.151 464.46..
I.1. Education271.2409.38292.19194.9..
I.1.b. Basic Education95.89171.4292.3738.39..
I.2. Health484.14444.29471652.19..
I.2.b. Basic Health419.45385.37387.62538.11..
I.3. Population Pol./Progr. & Reproductive Health5758.94149.74145.65..
I.4. Water Supply & Sanitation36.3646.9110.3945.38..
I.5. Government & Civil Society291.22328.45351.92381.93..
I.5.a. Government & Civil Society-general227.42289.46233.05290.01..
I.5.b. Conflict, Peace & Security63.838.99118.8791.92..
I.6. Other Social Infrastructure & Services33.3223.0948.944.42..
II. Economic Infrastructure & ServicesInformation on item245.56117.1189.44216.24..
II.1. Transport & Storage23.4612.1314.941.89..
II.2. Communications7.210.5611.531.06..
II.3. Energy105.530.3312.71135.4..
II.4. Banking & Financial Services72.551.2658.6555.79..
II.5. Business & Other Services36.8742.8291.622.1..
III. Production SectorsInformation on item514.04346.21523.8315.83..
III.1. Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing341.71254.99277207.06..
III.2. Industry, Mining, Construction136.5963.78211.3184.37..
III.3.a. Trade Policies & Regulations26.5122.1834.6623.38..
III.3.b. Tourism9.245.270.831.02..
IV. Multi-Sector / Cross-CuttingInformation on item275.97532.7443.34254.73..
V. Total Sector Allocable (I+II+III+IV)2 208.792 307.062 580.742 251.27..
VI. Commodity Aid / General Prog. Ass.52.9462.5843.4100.64..
VI.1. General Budget Support..54.3140.3....
VI.2. Dev. Food Aid/Food Security Ass.52.938.273.1100.64..
VII. Action Relating to DebtInformation on item..........
VIII. Humanitarian AidInformation on item606.33708.52631.391 037.53..
IX. Unallocated / UnspecifiedInformation on item410.22449.53333.34515.88..
Total (V+VI+VII+VIII+IX)3 278.293 527.693 588.873 905.32..
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