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Aid typeTotal ODAInformation on item
Amount typeInformation on item
UnitUS Dollar, Millions
Sort ascendingSort descendingSort ascendingSort descendingSort ascendingSort descendingSort ascendingSort descendingSort ascendingSort descending
I. Social Infrastructure & ServicesInformation on item1 316.981 906.041 462.12 908.681 724.52
I.1. Education207.23569.790.22566.28191.9
I.1.b. Basic Education73.51232.8320.68232.1765.62
I.2. Health214.85231.79714.731 166.96868.47
I.2.b. Basic Health192.83214.98613.81 039.24819.38
I.3. Population Policies/Programmes & Reproductive Health342.79264.36224.06502.14139.09
I.4. Water Supply & Sanitation10.7444.3620.838.0531.23
I.5. Government & Civil Society512.6763.41369.27526.05408.73
I.5.a. Government & Civil Society-general450.32645282.6415.89278.31
I.5.b. Conflict, Peace & Security62.27118.4186.67110.16130.42
I.6. Other Social Infrastructure & Services28.7632.4143.02109.2185.11
II. Economic Infrastructure & ServicesInformation on item325.79130.18252.57265.66867.63
II.1. Transport & Storage17.360.142.992.790
II.2. Communications12.6810.146.530.522.72
II.3. Energy221.579.22215.36120.73789.89
II.4. Banking & Financial Services37.930.9910.8892.8143.86
II.5. Business & Other Services36.2879.6816.8248.831.15
III. Production SectorsInformation on item252.94331.75169.08338.3327.3
III.1. Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing213.74255.55163.48296.02275.71
III.2. Industry, Mining, Construction31.9436.624.7129.6841.94
III.3.a. Trade Policies & Regulations6.935.480.8210.738.06
III.3.b. Tourism0.364.090.081.881.59
IV. Multi-Sector / Cross-CuttingInformation on item281.86340.7204.2214.8234.62
V. Total Sector Allocable (I+II+III+IV)2 177.572 708.662 087.953 727.443 154.07
VI. Commodity Aid / General Programme Assistance6.218.5410.4424.617.29
VI.1. General Budget Support......23.93..
VI.2. Development Food Assistance6.218.549.320.6717.29
VII. Action Relating to DebtInformation on item..........
VIII. Humanitarian AidInformation on item421.96705.56467.87841.241 036.03
IX. Unallocated / UnspecifiedInformation on item714.17742.18818.73756.083 084.22
Total (V+VI+VII+VIII+IX)3 319.94 174.933 384.995 349.367 291.61
Data extracted on 12 Jun 2024 13:00 UTC (GMT) from OECD.Stat


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