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Statistics presented in this dataset correspond to a previous version of the Functional Urban Areas’ and cities’ boundaries. This dataset is no longer updated. Latest update: November 2022.

Please refer to the City Statistics dataset for the most updated version of FUA and city indicators.

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Metropolitan areasInformation on dimension
Hide subtree AUS: Australia..
AUS01: Greater Sydney..
AUS02: Greater Melbourne..
AUS03: Greater Brisbane..
AUS04: Greater Perth..
AUS05: Greater Adelaide..
AUS06: Gold Coast..
AUS07: Canberra..
AUS08: Newcastle..
AUS10: Wollongong..
AUS14: Geelong..
Hide subtree AUT: Austria..
AT001: Vienna0.27
AT002: Graz0.27
AT003: Linz0.25
AT004: Salzburg..
AT005: Innsbruck..
AT006: Klagenfurt..
Hide subtree BEL: Belgium..
BE001: Brussels..
BE002: Antwerp0.30
BE003: Gent0.29
BE004: Charleroi..
BE005: Liege0.31
Hide subtree CAN: Canada..
CAN01: Toronto0.41
CAN02: Montreal0.35
CAN03: Vancouver0.40
CAN04: Ottawa..
CAN05: Calgary0.45
CAN06: Edmonton..
CAN07: Quebec..
CAN08: Winnipeg0.36
CAN09: Hamilton0.34
CAN10: London0.35
CAN11: Kitchener..
CAN12: Halifax0.34
CAN13: Victoria0.35
CAN14: Windsor0.36
CAN15: Saskatoon0.36
CAN16: Sherbrooke0.30
Hide subtree CHE: Switzerland..
CH001: Zurich..
CH002: Geneva..
CH003: Basel..
CH004: Bern..
CH005: Lausanne..
Hide subtree CHL: Chile..
CL004: Antofagasta..
CL006: Coquimbo-La Serena..
CL010: Valparaiso..
CL011: Santiago..
CL014: Rancagua..
CL017: Talca..
CL020: Concepcion..
CL022: Temuco..
CL025: Puerto Montt..
Hide subtree COL: Colombia..
COL01: Bogota D.C...
COL02: Medellin..
COL03: Cali..
COL04: Barranquilla..
COL05: Cartagena..
COL06: Bucaramanga..
COL07: Cucuta..
COL08: Pereira..
COL09: Ibague..
COL10: Manizales..
COL11: Santa Marta..
COL12: Pasto..
COL13: Armenia..
COL14: Villavicencio..
COL15: Monteria..
COL16: Valledupar..
COL17: Buenaventura..
COL18: Neiva..
COL19: Palmira..
COL20: Popayan..
COL21: Sincelejo..
COL25: Riohacha..
Hide subtree CZE: Czechia..
CZ001: Prague..
CZ002: Brno..
CZ003: Ostrava..
CZ004: Plzen..
Hide subtree DEU: Germany..
DE001: Berlin..
DE002: Hamburg..
DE003: Munich..
DE004: Cologne..
DE005: Frankfurt am Main..
DE007: Stuttgart..
DE008: Leipzig..
DE009: Dresden..
DE011: Dusseldorf..
DE012: Bremen..
DE013: Hanover..
DE014: Nuremberg..
DE017: Bielefeld..
DE018: Halle an der Saale..
DE019: Magdeburg..
DE020: Wiesbaden..
DE021: Gottingen..
DE025: Darmstadt..
DE026: Trier..
DE027: Freiburg im Breisgau..
DE028: Regensburg..
DE031: Schwerin..
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