Regional Government Finance and Investment Database
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Regional Government Finance and Investment DatabaseOther comments

The Pilot Database on Regional Government Finance and Investment (REGOFI) is a unique international database that compiles consolidated accounts of the regional government sector. Data on expenditure, investment, revenue and debt for the regional government level have been collected for 24 OECD and EU countries for the first time, covering the period 2010-2016.
The REGOFI database includes data on regional governments only, i.e. regional bodies governed by elected political bodies, and having their own budget, assets, administrative staff and decision power. The term "regional government" encompasses both state government in federal and quasi-federal countries, and decentralised regional level in unitary countries. In total, it covers a total of 494 regional governments in the OECD and the EU.
In federal countries, aggregated public finance statistics on state governments were provided through standard national accounts databases (such as the OECD and Eurostat National Accounts and the IMF Government Finance Statistics). For unitary countries, data were obtained from the regional budgetary accounts, accessed through a variety of sources (National Statistical Offices, Ministries of Finance, Ministries of Interior, Ministries of Regional Development, or academic and research institutions).
The sources of data are specified for each country included in the database. The scope and time coverage of data differs across countries based on their availability.
Contact: Isabelle CHATRY