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TALIS averages are based on all countries participating in the TALIS survey, including partner countries and economies. This explains the difference between the OECD average and the TALIS average. Data from the TALIS survey and Education at a Glance (EAG) may differ. See Annex E of the TALIS technical report and Annex 3 of EAG for more details about the data collections.

See the TALIS website herehttp://oecd.org/talisSee the GPS website herehttp://gpseducation.oecd.org/IndicatorExplorer?query=3&indicators=T000*T001*T002*T003*T004*T005*T006*T007*T008*T009*T010*T011*T012*T013*T014*T015*T016*T017*T018*T019*T020*T021*T022*T023*T024*T025*T026*T027*T028