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CountryJapanNew ZealandChileJapanNew ZealandChileJapanNew ZealandChileJapanNew ZealandChileJapanChile
UnitPersons, ThousandsPersons, ThousandsPersons, ThousandsPersons, ThousandsPersons, ThousandsPersons, ThousandsPersons, ThousandsPersons, ThousandsPersons, ThousandsPersons, ThousandsPersons, ThousandsPersons, ThousandsPersons, ThousandsPersons, Thousands
Hide subtree VTOT: Total activityInformation on item65 802.0Information on item66 083.0Information on item65 768.0Information on item64 761.02 154.57 130.6Information on item64 484.02 183.17 487.1Information on item64 358.02 214.17 625.8Information on item64 368.02 210.47 786.3Information on item64 741.07 903.2
VTOT: Total activityVA0: Agriculture, forestry and fishingInformation on item3 473.0Information on item3 448.0Information on item3 412.0Information on item3 332.0143.1756.2Information on item3 226.0150.9768.3Information on item3 140.0151.7761.2Information on item3 080.0149.0737.7Information on item3 017.0743.1
VB: Mining and quarryingInformation on item48.0Information on item46.0Information on item44.0Information on item40.07.1202.8Information on item37.06.9220.4Information on item36.07.2250.7Information on item34.07.3248.8Information on item33.0237.0
VC: ManufacturingInformation on item11 255.0Information on item11 301.0Information on item11 081.0Information on item10 377.0252.4803.0Information on item10 184.0253.0860.3Information on item10 100.0256.2881.4Information on item9 995.0249.8882.2Information on item9 762.0897.6
VD: Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supplyInformation on item464.0Information on item467.0Information on item470.0Information on item476.08.759.0Information on item484.010.161.0Information on item490.010.255.7Information on item495.010.553.3Information on item502.059.1
VE: Water supply, sewerage, waste management and remediation activities........5.7....6.9....6.6....6.6......
VF: ConstructionInformation on item5 838.0Information on item5 749.0Information on item5 586.0Information on item5 371.0178.8572.2Information on item5 201.0175.4608.4Information on item5 174.0174.5629.4Information on item5 211.0170.2674.9Information on item5 158.0662.6
VG: Wholesale and retail trade, repair of motor vehicles and motorcyclesInformation on item11 798.0Information on item11 814.0Information on item11 716.0Information on item11 601.0342.01 508.3Information on item11 719.0348.11 558.4Information on item11 645.0342.41 500.1Information on item11 541.0332.41 580.8Information on item11 635.01 586.9
VH: Transportation and storageInformation on item3 527.0Information on item3 521.0Information on item3 496.0Information on item3 549.094.7523.0Information on item3 556.093.3542.0Information on item3 531.097.7557.7Information on item3 481.0107.8572.9Information on item3 510.0575.9
VI: Accommodation and food service activities........122.2241.6..123.7259.5..122.7280.6..126.9278.9..275.0
VJ: Information and communicationInformation on item1 823.0Information on item1 928.0Information on item1 905.0Information on item1 912.072.2..Information on item1 941.074.6..Information on item1 887.078.4..Information on item1 863.084.7..Information on item1 827.0..
VK: Financial and insurance activitiesInformation on item1 773.0Information on item1 779.0Information on item1 866.0Information on item1 878.068.2128.5Information on item1 857.062.5123.1Information on item1 827.068.3136.0Information on item1 845.071.1168.3Information on item1 809.0163.8
VL: Real estate activitiesInformation on item995.0Information on item1 072.0Information on item1 038.0Information on item1 039.027.1444.8Information on item1 049.027.3492.9Information on item1 087.027.0481.1Information on item1 063.025.8491.5Information on item1 028.0502.5
VM: Professional, scientific and technical activities........133.9....140.4....134.9....136.3......
VN: Administrative and support service activities........88.4....82.0....93.3....92.1......
VO: Public administration and defence, compulsory social securityInformation on item2 500.0Information on item2 459.0Information on item2 407.0Information on item2 409.0110.8389.3Information on item2 398.0114.6399.1Information on item2 361.0112.7440.0Information on item2 326.0110.1418.8Information on item2 317.0440.3
VP: Education........186.4489.8..192.4515.4..200.8565.3..193.5613.0..626.9
VQ: Human health and social work activities........221.0301.0..225.4322.3..229.9349.3..233.5346.7..386.1
VR: Arts, entertainment and recreation........40.2....39.7....41.9....44.6......
VS: Other service activitiesInformation on item22 308.0Information on item22 499.0Information on item22 747.0Information on item22 777.048.0228.9Information on item22 834.052.0247.0Information on item23 079.053.8232.8Information on item23 434.055.5239.4Information on item24 145.0247.3
VT: Act. of HH as employers, undif. G&S-producing activities of HH for own use........2.7480.2..2.9506.8..3.2502.3..2.1476.8..497.1
VU: Activities of extraterritorial organizations and bodies........0.92.0..1.12.1..0.72.0..0.52.3..2.0
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