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G10 countries
G7 countries
Game theory
Gamma radiation
Gas / diesel oil
Gas / liquids from biomass
Gas coke
Gas works gas
Gasoline type jet fuel
Gateway exchange
GDP – expenditure based
GDP – income based
GDP – output based
GDP at constant prices
GDP at current prices
GDP at market prices
GDP deflator
Geary-Khamis method
Gene probes / DNA markers
Gene therapy
General programmes (of education)
General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT)
General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS)
General cargo ship
General Data Dissemination System (GDDS)
General Fisheries Council for the Mediterranean (GFCM)
General government – BPM
General government gross debt (Maastricht definition)
General government - SNA
General government accounts
General government administration of health
General government expenditure on health
General government gross debt (Maastricht definition)
General government structural balance
General obligations
General sales taxes
General Services Support Estimate (GSSE)
General trade system
Generalised edit and imputation system (GEIS)
Generalised System of Preferences (GSP)
Generally accepted accounting principles
Generation of income account
Generational accounting
Generic specification
Genetic effects (of radiation)
Genetic engineering
Genetic modification
Genetic resources
Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)
Genomics / pharmacogenomics
Gentlemen's agreement
Genuine saving
Geocoded statistics
Geodetic datum
Geodetic reference system
Geographic boundaries / national territory
Geographic code
Geographic coverage
Geographic information
Geographical distribution of the flows of financial resources to aid recipients, annual
Geographical indications
Geographical information system (GIS)
Geographical zones, MEI
Geologic hazard
Geometric depreciation – OECD
Geometric depreciation - SNA
Geometric distribution
Geometric growth
Geometric Laspeyres price index
Geometric mean
Geometric moving average
Geometric Paasche price index
Geometric period average
Geothermal energy
Gerschenkron effect
GESMES TS data model
Gestational period
Gini index
Global bond
Global commons
Global Financial Stability Report
Global information system (GIS) database
Global positioning system (GPS)
Global recoding
Global system for mobile communications (GSM)
Global warming
Global warming potential
Going concern
Gold loans
Gold swaps
Good governance
Goodness of fit
Goods – BPM
Goods - SNA
Goods – UN
Goods and services account
Goods carried by inland waterways
Goods carried by rail
Goods carried by road
Goods carried by sea
Goods for resale – inventories
Goods having entered the country by inland waterways (other than goods in transit by
Goods having entered the country by oil pipeline (other than goods in transit by oil pipeline)
Goods having entered the country by rail (other than goods in transit by rail throughout)
Goods having entered the country by road (other than goods in transit by road throughout)
Goods having entered the country by sea
Goods having left the country by inland waterways (other than goods in transit by inland)
Goods having left the country by oil pipeline (other than goods in transit by oil pipeline)
Goods having left the country by rail (other than goods in transit by rail throughout)
Goods having left the country by road (other than goods in transit by road throughout)
Goods having left the country by sea
Goods in transit by inland waterways throughout
Goods in transit by oil pipeline throughout
Goods in transit by rail throughout
Goods in transit by road throughout
Goods inland waterways transport (IWT) link
Goods loaded (for inland waterways transport)
Goods loaded (for transport by rail)
Goods loaded (for transport by road)
Goods loaded (for transport by sea)
Goods oil pipeline transport link
Goods rail transport link
Goods road motor vehicle
Goods road transport link
Goods road vehicle
Goods sea transport link
Goods transported by oil pipeline
Goods unloaded (after transport by rail)
Goods unloaded (from inland waterways transport)
Goods unloaded (from transport by road)
Goods unloaded (from transport by sea)
Goodwill clause
Governing body (of the pension fund)
Government balance sheet
Government bond yields interest
Government dependent / independent education institution
Government final consumption expenditure
Government Financial Statistics (GFS)
Government gross debt
Government guarantee
Government net debt
Government sector
Government units
Government use
Government-dependent private institution
Grace period and maturity
Grade (in school education)
Graduated payments
Graduation / Successful completion
Graduation rate
Grant element
Grant like flow
Grantor underwriting notes (GUNs)
Graphical data editing
Green accounting
Green ban
Green belt
Green GDP
Green revolution
Greened economy modelling
Greenhouse climate response index
Greenhouse effect
Greenhouse gas indicator for agriculture
Greenhouse gases
Grid sampling
Gross accumulation
Gross adjusted disposable income
Gross annual increment (in forest accounts)
Gross capital formation
Gross capital stock – OECD
Gross capital stock - SNA
Gross catch (in acquatic resources accounts)
Gross debt
Gross domestic expenditure on research and development (GERD)
Gross domestic product (GDP)
Gross domestic product (GDP) – constant prices
Gross domestic product (GDP) – current prices
Gross domestic product (GDP) – expenditure based
Gross domestic product (GDP) – income based
Gross domestic product (GDP) – output based
Gross domestic product (GDP) at market prices
Gross domestic product (GDP) deflator
Gross fixed capital formation - ESA
Gross fixed capital formation – SNA
Gross graduation rates
Gross investment in tangible goods – Eurostat
Gross national disposable income
Gross national income (GNI)
Gross national product (GNP)
Gross operating surplus - Eurostat
Gross operating surplus - SEEA
Gross output
Gross output based multi-factor productivity
Gross rate of return
Gross registered tonnes (GRT)
Gross removal
Gross residual flow
Gross saving
Gross sector output
Gross tonnage (GT)
Gross tonne-kilometre hauled (rail transport)
Gross value added
Gross value added at basic prices
Gross value added at factor cost
Gross value added at market prices
Gross value added at producers’ prices
Gross vehicle weight (Legally permissible maximum weight)
Gross-gross tonne-kilometre hauled (rail transport)
Grossing / Netting
Grossing up
Ground-level ozone
Ground-level pollution
Groundwater protection
Group comparison
Group discussion
Group pension funds
Growing stock (in forest accounts)
Growth cycles
Growth rate
Guaranteed annuity
Guaranteed bond
Guaranteed external debt
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