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French Equivalent: Activité auxiliaire – CITI Rév. 3

An ancillary activities are those that exist to support the main productive activities of an entity by providing non-durable goods or services entirely or primarily for the use of that entity. Ancillary activities are usually small scale compared to the principal activity they support. The output is always intended for immediate consumption within the same entity and therefore it is not usually recorded separately.

According to ISIC Rev. 3 (para. 36) ancillary activities can include activities such as:
- bookkeeping;
- transportation;
- storage;
- purchasing;
- sales promotions;
- cleaning;
- repair and maintenance;
- security.

According to ISIC Rev. 3 (para. 39) the following activities are not to be considered ancillary:

- Producing goods or doing work that are part of fixed capital formation. The type of units most affected are those doing construction work on the account of their parent unit.

- Activities, the output of which, although used as intermediate consumption by the principal or secondary activity, is for the greater part sold on the open market.

- Producing goods which become a physical part of the output of the principal or secondary activity, e.g. production of boxes, etc, as packaging for its own products.

- Research and development. These activities are not universal and they do not provide services that are consumed in the course of current production.

Source Publication:
ISIC Rev. 3, paras. 36, 37.

Cross References:
Analytical unit – SNA
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Version Indicator: ISIC Rev. 3

Classification Indicator: Classification

Statistical Theme: Classifications

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