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French Equivalent: Importations de biens et de services - NU

Imports of goods and services (merchandise trade) are goods which add to the stock of material resources of a country by entering its economic territory.

Goods simply being transported through a country (goods in transit) or temporarily admitted (except for goods for inward processing) do not add to the stock of material resources of a country and are not included in the international merchandise trade statistics. In many cases, a country's economic territory largely coincides with its customs territory, which is the territory in which the customs law of a country applies in full.

It is recommended that the statistical value of imported goods be c.i.f.-type value.

Source Publication:
International Merchandise Trade Statistics – Concepts and Definitions, United Nations, 1998, Series F, No. 52, Rev. 2, paras. 14 and 115-116.

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Statistical Theme: International trade statistics

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