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Integrated economic accounts, in the form of T- account, provide an overview of structural elements of the System of National Accounts by depicting various facets of economic phenomena (e.g., production, income, consumption, accumulation, and wealth) in three types of accounts: current account, accumulation accounts, and balance sheets.

Resources, stocks of liabilities, and net worth are shown on the right side of the accounts; uses and stocks of assets are shown on the left side in the tabular presentation. However, in the account for goods and services, the sources of supply (resources) from the economy’s output and imports are shown on the left side, and the distribution of that supply is shown on the right side. For each category of the transaction, the sum of the entries on the right side of the account is equal to the sum of the entries on the left side.

Source Publication:
BPM para. 45.

Cross References:
Integrated economic accounts – SNA


Version Indicator: IMF

Statistical Theme: Financial statistics - Balance of payments

Created on Tuesday, September 25, 2001

Last updated on Tuesday, April 16, 2002