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A job is defined as an explicit or implicit contract (relating to the provision of labour input, not to supplying output of a good or service) between a person and a resident institutional unit to perform work (activities which contribute to the production of goods or services within the production boundary) in return for compensation (including mixed income of self-employed persons) for a defined period or until further notice.

In that definition, both employee and self-employment jobs are covered: that is, an employee job if the person belongs to another institutional unit than the employer and a self-employment job if the person belongs to the same institutional unit as the employer.

The concept of jobs differs from the concept of employment:

— It includes second, third, etc. jobs of the same person. Those second, third, etc. jobs of a person may either successively follow one another within the reference period (usually, a week) or, as when someone has an evening job as well as a daytime job, run in parallel.

— On the other hand, it excludes persons temporarily not at work but who have a ‘formal attachment to their job’ in the form, for instance, of ‘an assurance of return to work or an agreement as to the date of return’. Such an understanding between an employer and a person on lay-off or away on training is not counted as a job in the system.

Source Publication:
ESA [11.22-23]

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Jobs – SNA

Version Indicator: ESA

Statistical Theme: Labour statistics

Created on Tuesday, September 25, 2001

Last updated on Saturday, March 16, 2002