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French Equivalent: Services marchand - CITI

Market services are defined as those services produced for sale on the market at a price intended to cover production costs and to provide a profit for the producer.

Market services comprise the following five ISIC Tabulation Categories:

- Wholesale and Retail trade, repair of motor vehicles, motor cycles and personal household goods (G);
- Hotels and restaurants (H);
- Transport, storage and communications (I);
- Financial intermediation (J);
- Real estate, renting and business activities (K)

Under the 1993 System of National Accounts (SNA) market and non-market services are not separately reported if they are involved in the same ISIC activity. However the 1968 SNA recommended that market and non-market services be separately identified.

Source Publication:
ISIC Rev. 3.

Cross References:
Market services – NACE
Non-market services – OECD
Services – ISIC Rev. 3

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Version Indicator: ISIC Rev. 3

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