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A list based definition of biotechnology comprises the following five categories:

- DNA (the coding): genomics, pharmaco-genetics, gene probes, DNA sequencing/synthesis/amplification, genetic engineering.

- Proteins and molecules (the functional blocks): protein/peptide sequencing/synthesis, lipid/protein engineering, proteomics, hormones and growth factors, cell receptors/signalling/pheromones.

- Cell and tissue culture and engineering: cell/tissue culture, tissue engineering, hybridisation, cellular fusion, vaccine/immune stimulants, embryo manipulation.

- Process biotechnology’s: Bioreactors, fermentation, bioprocessing, bioleaching, biopulping, bio-bleaching, bioremediation, and biofiltration.

- Sub-cellular organisms: gene therapy, viral vectors.

Source Publication:
Second OECD Ad Hoc Meeting on Biotechnology Statistics, OECD, May 2001.

Statistical Theme: Science and technology statistics - Biotechnology

Created on Tuesday, September 25, 2001

Last updated on Wednesday, November 7, 2001