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French Equivalent: Bâtiment résidentiel

A building should be regarded as residential building when more than half of the floor area is used for dwelling purposes. Other buildings should be regarded as non-residential.

Two types of residential buildings can be distinguished:

- houses (ground-oriented residential buildings): comprising all types of houses (detached, semi- detached, terraced houses, houses built in a row, etc.) each dwelling of which has its own entrance directly from the ground surface;

- other residential buildings: comprising all residential buildings other than ground-oriented residential buildings as defined above.

Source Publication:
International Recommendations for Construction Statistics, Statistical Papers, Series M, No. 47, Rev. 1, United Nations, New York, 1997, para. 73 and Bulletin of Housing and Building Statistics for Europe and North America, UNECE, Geneva, 2000, Annex II, Definitions and General Terms, page 83.

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