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Services are outputs produced to order and which cannot be traded separately from their production. Services are not separate entities over which ownership rights can be established. They cannot be traded separately from their production. Services are heterogeneous outputs produced to order and typically consist of changes in the conditions of the consuming units realized by the activities of producers at the demand of the consumers. By the time their production is completed they must have been provided to the consumers.

However, as an exception to this rule, there is a group of industries, generally classified as service industries, some of whose outputs have characteristics of goods. These are the industries concerned with the provision, storage, communication, and dissemination of information, advice, and entertainment in the broadest sense of those terms. The products of these industries, where ownership rights can be established, may be classified either as goods or services depending on the medium by which these outputs are supplied.

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production of services must be confined to activities that are capable of being carried out by one unit for the benefit of another. Otherwise, service industries could not develop and there could be no markets for services. It is also possible for a unit to produce a service for its own consumption provided that the type of activity is such that it could have been carried out by another unit.

The service sector covers both market and non-market services.

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SNA paras. 6.8-6.9.

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