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Dissemination is the release to users of information obtained through a statistical activity.

Data dissemination consists of distributing or transmitting statistical data to users. Various release media are possible; for example: electronic format including the internet, CD-ROM, paper publications, files available to authorised users or for public use; fax response to a special request, public speeches, press releases.

Dissemination formats. Under the SDDS, the concept of dissemination formats is divided into two categories: "hardcopy" and "electronic" publications, which detail the reference documents through which users may access the data described in the metadata and, where relevant, detailed components beyond the minimum prescribed.

In SDMX, "Supplementary Data" refers to a description of data not routinely disseminated that are made available to users upon request. It may include customized tabulations that can be provided (perhaps for a fee) to meet specific requests. Also include information on procedures for obtaining these supplementary data.

Source Publication:
Statistics Canada, "Statistics Canada Quality Guidelines", 5rd edition.

Cross References:
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