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French Equivalent: Imputation

Imputation is a procedure for entering a value for a specific data item where the response is missing or unusable.

Imputation is the process used to determine and assign replacement values for missing, invalid or inconsistent data that have failed edits. This is done by changing some of the responses or assigning values when they are missing on the record being edited to ensure that estimates are of high quality and that a plausible, internally consistent record is created. (Statistics Canada, "Statistics Canada Quality Guidelines", 4th edition, October 2003, page 41, available at: http://www.statcan.ca:8096/bsolc/english/bsolc?catno=12-539-X&CHROPG=1).

Source Publication:
Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations (UNECE), "Glossary of Terms on Statistical Data Editing", Conference of European Statisticians Methodological material, Geneva, 2000.

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