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A key classification of visitors is that related to the different forms of tourism (IRTS 2008 paras. 2.39. and 2.40.), in particular:

- International visitors. An international traveler qualifies as an international visitor with respect to the country of reference if: (a) he/she is on a tourism
trip (IRTS 2008 para. 2.8.) and (b) he/she is a non-resident traveling in the country of reference or a resident traveling outside of it (IRTS 2008 para. 2.42.).

- Domestic visitors. From the perspective of the country of reference, a domestic traveler qualifies as a domestic visitor if: (a) he/she is on a tourism trip and (b) he/she is a resident traveling in the country of reference (IRTS 2008 para. 2.49.).

Source Publication:
2008 International Recommendations for Tourism Statistics,
United Nations, World Tourism Organization.


Statistical Theme: National accounts

Created on Tuesday, September 25, 2001

Last updated on Tuesday, April 9, 2013