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A classification scheme is the descriptive information for an arrangement or division of objects into groups based on characteristics, which the objects have in common.

Attributes of Classification scheme:

"Classification scheme type name" is the name of the type of Classification scheme.

"Classification scheme administration record" is the Administration record for a Classification scheme.

"Classification scheme item" is an item of content in a classification scheme. This may be a node in a taxonomy or ontology, a term in a thesaurus, etc.

Attributes of Classification scheme item:

Classification scheme item type name is the name of the type of the Classification scheme item.

Classification scheme item value an instance of a Classification scheme item.

Classification scheme item relationship is the relationship among items within a Classification scheme. Such relations serve to assist navigation through a large number of Classification Scheme Items.

Classification scheme item relationship type description is a description of the type of relationship between a Classification scheme item and one or more other Classification scheme items in a Classification scheme.

Classification scheme membership is the relationship of a Classification scheme with its items.

(ISO/IEC 11179-3 "Information technology - Metadata registries-Part 3: Registry metamodel and basic attributes", February 2003).

Source Publication:
ISO/IEC FDIS 11179-1 "Information technology - Metadata registries - Part 1: Framework", March 2004.

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