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A characteristic of an object or entity.

An entity is any concrete or abstract thing of interest, including associations among things.

A composite attribute is an attribute whose datatype is non-atomic.

An attribute instance is a specific instance of an attribute.

An attribute value is the value associated with an attribute instance (ISO/IEC International Standard 11179-3 "Information technology - Metadata registries (MDR)-Part 3: Registry metamodel and basic attributes", February 2003).

Within SDMX, a data or metadata attribute is a statistical concept providing qualitative information about a specific statistical object such as a data set, observation, data provider, or dataflow.

Concepts such as units, magnitude, currency of denomination, titles and methodological comments can be used as attributes in the context of an agreed data exchange. A conditional attribute is permitted to take empty values. A mandatory attribute is an attribute which must take a value, otherwise the corresponding observation, which it refers to, is not considered as meaningful enough, e.g. with regard to the "status" of an observation or the units in which a whole time series is expressed. Within the SDMX information model, attribute value is the value of an attribute, such as the instance of a coded or uncoded attribute in the context of a data structure.

Source Publication:
ISO/IEC FDIS 11179-1 "Information technology - Metadata registries - Part 1: Framework", March 2004.

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