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French Equivalent: Fréquence

The rate at which something happens or is repeated.

If a time series has a constant time interval between its observations, this interval determines the frequency of the time series (e.g. monthly, quarterly, yearly).

In GESMES/TS, frequency is a dimension of the time series key. Frequency must be assigned as a dimension in every key family and it has to be the first dimension. ("GESMES/TS User Guide", Release 3)

In SDMX, "Frequency" is closely associated with "Periodicity" to form a single entity, named "frequency and periodicity". While frequency refers to the time interval between the observations of a time series, periodicity refers to the frequency of compilation of the data (e.g., a time series could be available at annual frequency but the underlying data are compiled monthly, thus have a monthly periodicity).

Source Publication:
The Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary, Oxford University Press.

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