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French Equivalent: Consolidation

Consolidation is a special kind of cancelling out of flows and stocks; it involves the elimination of those transactions or debtor/creditor relationships which occur between two transactors belonging to the same institutional sector or sub-sector.

The elimination, both from uses and resources, of transactions which occur between units when the latter are grouped and to the elimination of reciprocal financial assets and liabilities.

Under the SDDS, in the context of fiscal sector data an indication of the methods used to combine data from separate central government accounts and funds to derive statistics for transactions between the entire central government and any other sector, exclusive of transactions between units within the same coverage of central government, as defined in the Government Finance Statistics Manual:

1) whether all transactions between units of general government have been eliminated in consolidation is requested;

2) debt issues of one unit of central government that are held by another unit are reported on a consolidated or unconsolidated basis (e.g., central government securities held by the social security fund) are also specified.

Source Publication:
System of National Accounts (SNA), 2008. 3.197.

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