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Basic statistical data are data collected on a regular basis (by survey from respondents, or from administrative sources) by survey statisticians in the national statistical system to be edited, imputed, aggregated and/or used in the compilation and production of official statistics.

In the context of the SDDS, this concept should include whether data are compiled from administrative records (e.g., monetary and government data), surveys, censuses, or any combination of these. It should also briefly describe the means of data collection. In cases where sampling techniques are used, the sampling procedures should be briefly described.

Source Publication:
Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange (SDMX) – BIS, ECB, Eurostat, IBRD, IMF, OECD and UNSD – Metadata Common Vocabulary.

Cross References:
Data source, types of
Primary source (of statistical data)
Special Data Dissemination Standard (SDDS)

Statistical Theme: Methodological information (metadata)

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Created on Thursday, July 18, 2002

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