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A contact is an instance of a role of an individual or an organization (or organization part or organization person) to whom an information item(s), a material object(s) and/or person(s) can be sent to or from in a specified context.

In SDMX, "Contact" describes contact points for the data or metadata, including how to reach the contact points.

Attributes of "contacts" (ISO 11179):

- Contact mail address: The mailing address of the Contact.
- Contact name: The name of the Contact.
- Contact title: The name of the position held by the Contact.
- Electronic mail address: An e-mail address for correspondence with the Contact.
- Phone number: A telephone number for spoken correspondence with the Contact.
- Fax number: A facsimile number for correspondence with the Contact.

Contact information is the information that enables a Contact to be located or communicated with.

Source Publication:
ISO/IEC 11179-3 "Information technology-Metadata registries (MDR)-Part 3: Registry metamodel and basic attributes", February 2003.

Cross References:
ISO / IEC 11179
Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange (SDMX)
Stewardship (of metadata)

Statistical Theme: Methodological information (metadata)

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