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The ICSE-93 consists of the following groups:

1. employees; among whom countries may need and be able to distinguish “employees with stable contracts” (including “regular employees”);
2. employers;
3. own-account workers;
4. members of producers' cooperatives;
5. contributing family workers;
6. workers not classifiable by status.

The groups in the ICSE-93 are defined with reference to the distinction between “paid employment” jobs on the one side and self-employment jobs on the other. Groups are defined with reference to one or more aspects of the economic risk and/or the type of authority which the explicit or implicit employment contract gives the incumbents or to which it subjects them.

Source Publication:
ILO: 15th International Conference of Labour Statisticians, Report of the Conference. CLS/15/1D.6 (Rev. 1) (Geneva, International Labour Office, 1993).

Statistical Theme: Labour statistics

Created on Friday, August 9, 2002