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The IMF Data Quality Reference Site (DQRS) was created to develop an understanding of issues surrounding data quality.

The site includes contributions from both national and international agencies and covers definitions of data quality, provides examples of evaluations of data quality and outlines the different tradeoffs between the different dimensions of data quality.

The DQRS is an adjunct to the IMF’s Data Quality Assessment Framework (DQAF) which is designed to foster communication between users and compilers of statistics, and to provide a structure and common language for data quality. The three main areas where an assessment methodology, such as that provided by the DQAF, could be helpful are to guide:

- countries’ efforts to strengthen their statistical systems by providing a self-assessment tool and to identify areas for improvement in which donor support might be sought;

- IMF staff in preparing reports assessing the quality of data provided for country surveillance and operations, and in designing programmes of technical assistance;

- data users in gauging data quality for their own purposes.

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IMF DQRS website.

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Created on Thursday, August 22, 2002

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