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French Equivalent: Validation

A continuous monitoring of the process of compilation and of the results of this process.

In SDMX, "Validation" describes methods and processes for routinely assessing source data – including censuses, sample surveys, and administrative records – and how the results of the assessments are monitored and made available to guide statistical processes.

It also describes how intermediate results are validated against other information where applicable, how statistical discrepancies in intermediate data are assessed and investigated and how statistical discrepancies and other potential indicators or problems in statistical outputs are investigated. All the controls made in terms of quality of the data to be published or already published are included in the validation process.

Validation also includes the results of studies and analysis of revisions and how they are used to inform the statistical processes. In this process, two dimensions can be distinguished:

(i) validation before publication of the figures, and

(ii) validation after publication.

Source Publication:
Eurostat, "Handbook on Quarterly National Accounts", Luxembourg, 1999.

Cross References:
Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange (SDMX)

Statistical Theme: Methodological information (metadata)

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