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Visitor consumption is the basic concept measuring tourism activity and refers to total consumption of or on behalf of visitors and could, consequently, also be termed as "visitor demand".

In visitor consumption concepts, visitor final consumption expenditure in cash (its main component), corresponds to the term "visitor expenditure", traditionally used in the analysis of tourism.

Visitor consumption exceeds visitor purchases on a trip. It encompasses these purchases as well as all expenditure on goods and services by all other institutional units on behalf of visitors. If cash or financial assets are transferred to the visitor to finance his/her trip, the purchases funded by these are included in visitor consumption. Along with this are all forms of transfers in kind and other transactions benefiting visitors where it is not cash or financial assets which is provided to the visitors but the goods and services themselves - thus the consumption of individual non-market services is included. Essentially all transactions where there is a direct link between the visitor and the producer/provider of the good or service are within scope.

Source Publication:
Basic References on Tourism Statistics, World Tourism Organisation.

Statistical Theme: Industry and services statistics - Services

Created on Monday, December 23, 2002