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French Equivalent: Organe directeur (du fonds de pension)

Governing body (of the pension fund): this is the person(s) ultimately responsible for managing the pension fund with the overriding objective of providing a secure source of retirement income.

In cases where operational and oversight responsibilities are split between different committees within an entity, the governing body is the executive board of the entity. Where the pension fund is not a legal entity, but managed directly by a financial institution, that institution’s board of directors is also the governing body of the pension fund.

Identical term, "Administrator".

Source Publication:
OECD Working Party on Private Pensions, 2005, “'Private Pensions: OECD Classification and Glossary, 2005 edition”, OECD, Paris.

Statistical Theme: Financial statistics

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Created on Monday, January 20, 2003

Last updated on Friday, December 2, 2005