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French Equivalent: Définition

A definition is a statement of the precise meaning of something.

In classifications, this item refers to the explanation of the concepts encompassed in category description and often includes specific examples of what is and is not included in particular categories.

According to ISO/IEC FCD FCD 11179-1 "Information technology - Metadata registers-Part 1: Framework", a definition is a "representation of a concept by a descriptive statement which serves to differentiate it from related concepts [ISO 1087-1:2000, 3.3.1]".

Definition (of Administered Item) is the definition of an Administered item within a Context.

Definition source reference is a reference to the source from which the Definition is taken.

Definition text is the text of the Definition.

Source Publication:
"United Nations Glossary of Classification Terms" prepared by the Expert Group on International Economic and Social Classifications; unpublished on paper.

Cross References:
ISO / IEC 11179


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Created on Tuesday, September 25, 2001

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