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French Equivalent: Profil âge-efficacité

The age-efficiency profile of an asset describes the change (usually the decline) in the efficiency of an asset as it ages. Efficiency in this context refers to the asset's ability to produce a quantity of capital services for a given amount of inputs.

The age-efficiency profile shows the loss in productive capacity of a capital good over its life time, or the rate at which the physical contribution of a particular asset declines over time, as an effect of wear and tear. (OECD Productivity Manual: A Guide to the Measurement of Industry - Level and Aggregate Productivity Growth, OECD, Paris, March 2001, Annex 1 – Glossary. Available at

Source Publication:
Measuring Capital: OECD Manual, Annex 1 Glossary of Technical Terms Used in the Manual, OECD, 2001.


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Created on Tuesday, September 25, 2001

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