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French Equivalent: Caractéristique

An abstraction of a property of an object or of a set of objects. Characteristics are used for describing concepts. [ISO 1087-1:2000, 3.2.4].

Essential characteristic is a characteristic which is indispensable to understanding a concept [ISO 1087-1:2000, 3.2.6].

The physical and economic attributes of a product that serve to identify it and enable it to be located under some heading of a product classification. The technical parameters and price determining properties of a product listed in a product specification.

Eurostat, OECD, 2007, Eurostat-OECD Methodological Manual on Purchasing Power Parities, OECD, Paris – Annex VII, Glossary of terms and abbreviations.

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ISO/IEC FDIS 11179-1 "Information technology - Metadata registries - Part 1: Framework", March 2004.

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